Genes with no expression
Our project has generated a number of strains in which GFP expression was not detected, or expression was lost before the strain could be fully analyzed. There are a number of possible causes:

1) germline/gene silencing (Kelly et al 1997; Reviewed in Seydoux and Schedl 2001),

2) absence of promoter::GFP in the heritable arrays,

3) conditional gene expression (environmental, male, dauer etc.),

4) failure to capture the entire transcription control element,

5) the promoter is within an operon, etc.

Therefore, the following list is merely useful as a comparison baseline for other projects when they use these promoter regions. No conclusions can be drawn from this data.

Genes without GFP expression
Genes: 0 Strains: 0
GeneLocusStrainLocation (WS140) A*B SizeA* PrimerB Primer