This is a work in progress. When errors or omissions are detected within this data set, we would appreciate being notified right away (contact: Rebecca Newbury)

Where there are images supplied, they are not to be considered a comprehensive representation of the expression pattern. If there are many tissues expressing GFP, we first focus on the tissues we are unfamiliar with, and then, given time constraints, we may take images of the other tissues.

Strains designated BC….. have not been outcrossed. Strains designated DM….. have been outcrossed and are considered integrated. Strains that transmit wild-type >99.5% are considered stable, and are designated BCYYYYY, sIsXXXXX. These strains have not been confirmed as integrated lines. Outcrossing sometimes alters the expression pattern in these strains, and we would suggest that the user outcross any stable strains they receive.

We are in the process of sending stable strains to the CGC, however there are a limited number of strains available at the moment. The strains that are not available through the CGC may be requested through Rebecca Newbury. The images posted on the website are also available by request.

Finally, in the process of updating the database, we occasionally remove unstable strains from the list and replace them with stable versions. Therefore, users may find that their search results are different from time to time. Wormbase however, will be maintaining all of the data on their site.

Please acknowledge our contribution in any publications or communications resulting from use of these strains and/or images.

R. Hunt Newbury, R. Viveiros, R. Johnsen, A. Mah, D. Anastis, L. Fang, E. Halfnight, D. Lee, S. McKay, M. Okada, J. Pan, E. Sonnhammer, D. Tu, K. Wong, Z. Zhao, R. Schnabel, S.J.M. Jones, M.A. Marra, D.L. Baillie, and D.G. Moerman. High Throughput In Vivo Analysis Of Gene Expression In C. Elegans PLoS Biol 5(9): e237 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0050237

The Genome BC C. elegans Gene Expression Consortium is funded by Genome Canada and Genome British Columbia.